How To Buy Memberships Online

Step by Step Instructions with visual guide

1. Go to and hover over the BOX OFFICE tab.

Select MEMBERSHIPS in the dropdown. 

2. On the MEMBERSHIPS page

Scroll down and select the yellow button “BUY MEMBERSHIP

Or click yellow button above. Page will open in a new tab

3. You will be transferred to an events page.

Select GO LIVE @ CENTAUR MEMBERSHIP 2021 *Please disregard the OCT 01 date.

4. Click Log in to your account 

If you have never purchased tickets with us before but have an email in the box office database, please sign up for a new account.

If  you are still unable to access the offer, please call the box office as it is likely we do not have the correct email on file for you. The online and box office databases must have matching info.

5. LOG IN with your account information.

6. Click SELECT for the CENTAUR MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022 offer.

7. Select your preferred membership quantity and type.
8. Now click ADD TO CART.

9. Complete payment in the checkout. 
10. See you LIVE @ CENTAUR !