Gallery Exhibit

Isaac Smeele

From November 19 – December 15, throughout the run of Little Dickens.

Isaac’s curiosity and creativity have been a constant and powerful compulsion throughout his life. Finding deep interest in composition and songwriting from a young age, Isaac created hundreds of folk and electronic songs before turning his focus towards visual arts.

« ENVELOPED #2 » – (2019)

At the age of sixteen Isaac experienced a dream in which he entered a vivid alien landscape of fantastical proportions and experienced his consciousness as a brick in a winding path. This experience was the beginning of Isaac’s journey into surrealism and where his appreciation of inner space became an essential aspect of his work. 

His current interest is in exploring the relationship between worlds and bodies. His work dissolves the boundaries between the subject and the environment, bringing forth the subconscious mind. Viewers lose themselves within the piece, drifting into fantasy and ultimately answering questions they may not have asked before.