Fun, affordable family entertainment to awaken the imagination and introduce children to the enchanting world of theatre.


On select Saturday mornings throughout the season, young children and their families enjoy affordable and engaging live performances by some of Montreal’s best talent for kids.


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Ticket Prices: Adults: $8.00 Children: $6.00


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Saturday, October 29 @ 10:30AM

Tales that go bump in the night  (Ages 5+)

Stephanie Beneteau (Storytelling)

Do you know the story of the boy who was not afraid of anything? Have you heard of the ghost dog who brought good fortune to his master? Or the one about the terrible witch Baba Yaga who is so old, you can read the whole map of Russia in the wrinkles of her face? Do you believe in ghosts, werewolves, witches and devils, and ghouls that go bump in the night? You will after you listen to professional storyteller Stéphanie Bénéteau weave her magic on All Hallow’s Eve, when the veil between the worlds is thin and magic is everywhere.

Stephanie Beneteau

Saturday, November 5 @ 10:30AM

Rooftop Fun Crew  (Ages 2-6)

Pipito & Co. (Music)

Come on down and step on up! It's time to sing! It’s time to dance! It’s time for fun with Felipe and Meg! Sing along and dance along to old children's classics and some new exciting favourites! Watch and participate in some live drawing and games! Whether you're calling out Mr Sun, fixing a bumpy Little Red Wagon, making a picture, or twirling in a hula-hoop, you are sure to have a wonderful time with Pipito & Co.

Rooftop Fun Crew

Saturday, November 26 @ 10:30AM

Checkout 606  (Ages 8-14)

La Fille du Laitier

The cashiers of checkout 606 are in existential crisis. Time drifts slowly, and life runs on automatic. As the cashiers escape into their imagination, carrots begin to dance, their overbearing boss transforms into a green onion monster, and they can finally beat their rival checkout in a synchronized swimming competition. And you thought you knew your local grocery store. A hilarious, high-energy comedy for the whole family.

Checkout 606

Saturday, Dec 3 @ 10:30AM

Miss Lost  (Ages 2-8)

Moon Escapees Productions

Presented for the first time in English at the Centaur Theatre, Enchanted Miss Lost! is introducing the adventures of the Forgotten Princess. Miss Lost, an amnesic princess is on a mission to save the fairy tales; their infamous objects have been stolen and she must give them back to their owner, but without her memory? Her only hope is to find new friends to help out! An interactive show, for boys and girls, with nursery rhymes and association games you don’t want to miss!

Miss Lost Shoes

Saturday, February 11 @ 10:30AM

The Micky Farkas Children's Blues Symposium

(Ages 3-10)

Micky Farkas Originals

Imagine a world in which words and music walk hand in hand. Welcome to a Micky Farkas show. With 22 years experience as a music specialist and an extensive catalog of children’s songs, Micky creates a fun spoken introduction to the tune, then delivers it accompanying  his voice with an impressive degree of blues guitar skill. This year Micky has  prepared a warm, friendly blend of blues songs, dances, and story telling sure to get the gets jumping,  thumping, singing and thinking! Hear Micky preach'em in his historically factual, child-friendly concert introduction to the legends of the Blues.

Miss Lost Shoes

Saturday, February 25 @ 10:30AM

Hans Dudledee
and Other Forgotten Fairytales 
(Ages 6-13)

The Flying Box Theatre

Hans Dudeldee and Other Forgotten Fairy Tales is updated and refreshed for this remount in the Children's Series.  Come sing and dance with us! Come meet the talking moon, the girl giant and of course Hans Dudeldee, our favourite fisherman's son!  Featuring live accordion music, sing-alongs and storytelling, Forgotten Fairy Tales keeps kids and parents entertained while presenting stories that read like the quirky cousins of Snow White or Cinderella. Sleeping in a basement archive for around 160 years, these tales now come to life with an eclectic mix of puppetry from rod marionettes to cardboard cutouts.

Hans Dudledee and Other Forgotten Fairytales

Saturday, March 18 @ 10:30AM

Beaver Dreams  (Ages 3+)

Lost & Found Puppet Co.

Beaver Dream is a bilingual tale about a family beavers living on a lake in the Laurentian mountains, Quebec. Be a part of their daily activities; eating wood, building dams, family feuds, dreaming. Also inhabiting the area, is a family of humans who experience a collective nightmare depicting the threat of development on their perfect nature paradise. Every summer, one chore must be done- break the beaver dam. An epic battle of construction and destruction. We share a world together; what if the beavers were thinking the same as us? Featuring puppetry, clowning, storytelling, animation, and water on stage! You'll get wet watching this show.


Inspired by a place called "Crow's Lake", where Maggie Winston's relatives built a log cabin in the 1930s.

Beaver Dream

Saturday, March 25 @ 10:30AM

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!  (All Ages)

Live Action Theatre Project

Drawing on the fable of Sleeping Beauty and Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm, Wake up, Sleeping Beauty! explores a classic fairy tale with a twist. Our audience teams up to help wake Talia from her slumber and take ACTION with other fun characters in a fight to rescue the Kingdom from threatening forces. In the tradition of “choose your own adventure”, we invite YOU to jump into the middle of the action!

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

Saturday, April 22 @ 10:30AM

Felicity Falls  (4-10)

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre

Felicity means happiness. In an animal village, one little rabbit can’t sleep, another one loses a teddy bear, and others see a hot air balloon that changes everything.


Even parents will laugh at the all too familiar things that happen when one little rabbit can’t sleep…in the imaginary animal village of Felicity Falls, somewhere in the Ottawa Valley.

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre

Saturday, May 6 @ 10:30AM

The Paper Bag Queen  (All ages)

Jacqueline van de Geer

The Paperbag Queen invites you to visit her in her Paperbag Palace today. All kinds of people and especially children of all ages are welcome! Get yourself a paperbag and experience how it is to live in Paperbag Country and participate in this absurd and interactive comedy. Constructed as a 40 minute mini-operetta, the Paperbag Queen herself reveals the habits of Her Majesty.

The Paper Bag Queen

Saturday, May 13 @ 10:30AM

Selena Eisenberg (Storyteller)  (Ages 4 & up)

Le Festival de Contes Il Etait un fois

Festilou invites you to travel with Selina Eisenberg's stories. It doesn’t matter what path you take, for at every turn you will find a story. Adventures are guaranteed to unfold when you take your imagination along for the ride.

Selena Eisenberg

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