We’re staying home now but when the world is ready we’ll be back

If you purchased tickets to MOB or Fences, someone will be in touch with you to extend a full credit towards your next ticket or subscription purchase. However, if you are able to donate your unused ticket(s), we will gratefully provide a tax receipt. It will take some time for us to contact all tickets holders, so we ask your patience. We will get around to absolutely everyone. If you have any questions, or to convert your ticket into a donation you may contact us at boxoffice@centaurtheatre.com.

As a rare stillness replaces the music, theatre, dance, film, and comedy events that make Montreal one of Canada’s most dynamic cities, we are heartened by Quebec’s diverse communities working together to help those at risk during this uncertain time. Join us in applauding the 7,000 nurses coming out of retirement to bolster hospital staffs, neighbours checking in on the elderly and less mobile to ensure their safety and comfort, and citizens donating blood and making sure food banks are stocked.

Unbound by “social distancing”, the internet takes centre stage as enterprising individuals establish social media groups to connect those in need with those who can help. Comedians, musicians, dancers, actors, and visual artists are sharing their art and entertainment online. Groups dedicated to “positive posting” are popping up everywhere to keep spirits high … we encourage you to join one or even better, start one of your own!  

We live in a remarkable city that will outlive this temporary setback and rise like a phoenix to shine brighter than before. We can’t wait to see you again soon and to get back to doing what we love: bringing you the best in theatre.