Ted T. Katz Family Trust Gallery

Emily Comeau

Exhibit in parallel with Bakersfield Mist

january 31 - february 26, 2017

The Watershed


Emily Comeau is a Montreal-based conceptual fibre artist whose body of work is diverse, her materials ranging from glitter to plaster, canvas and string. Primarily process-driven, her work is often meticulously crafted, from the precise arrangement of millions of grains of iridescent plastic to obsessive collections of colourful string, engaging the senses in unexpected ways and challenging people’s expectations of textile art.

In this exhibition, Comeau presents three distinct series of work, each paying tribute to a treasured childhood craft activity, and thus evoking a sense of familiarity, playfulness and humour. In doing so, these pieces explore the divide between high and low art while remaining whimsically approachable. This fusion of the accessible and the provocative is central to her practice, as she endeavours to always make art that is memorable without being alienating to the uninitiated.

Born in Nova Scotia, Comeau graduated with distinction from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Fibre Arts. She was awarded the Prix Diagonale for her artistic achievements and continues to strive for excellence in her professional practice, exhibiting regularly throughout Canada.





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