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Damián Siqueiros

Exhibit in parallel with Bed and Breakfast

The Journey of Flowers

If we were seeds before we were born, we would become flowering trees when we grow old. Often we hear that we will wither and die, that it is inevitable.  And often we forget about our greatness, that as flowering trees it’s only a part of us that withers and dies, but it is to give life, to let the seedlings out into the soil.


It is the oldest trees that are the wisest; the seeds just keep moving, breaking and expanding. But the tree stays still, it contemplates, it cherishes the depth to which its roots have reached. The seed, minuscule, is oblivious to its potential, even though it contains its future immensity.


These images are visual poems about what it is to age, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, one can rarely ignore the passing of time.  If we indeed become wiser with age than we can acknowledge that we do not gain or lose qualities, we trade them for new ones. For the abilities we might lose, we gain perspective, and depth.


The photographs in The Journey of Flowers, could not have been made by posing, they are the vestiges of a process, of the movement that represents each dancer’s struggle with accepting what each day brings, and what every day takes away. It is through our own art, dance or photography, that we heal, accept, inspire, share our journey, and hope you are old enough to know nothing and understand everything we’ve said.


Damián Siqueiros


Damián is a Montreal based image maker, a photographer, not the kind that reflects reality, but the kind that imagines one to transform it into something tangible, most often through multidisciplinary work, may this be art direction, stage design, make-up or styling.

As an artist he is an avid defender of gender equality and he works for the acceptance of diversity as key elements to better our world. He does it ever so gently through an aesthetic that draws from the great masters of painting, such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and JW Waterhouse. With his work he seeks to provoke emotions, change conversations and respectful confrontation. His work has earned him great opportunities of being exhibited in museums and galleries throughout North America and Europe. It has also earned him the opportunity to work with amazing artist who he admires, such as choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Canadian dance icon Margie Gillis.

Damián is a beauty seeker, not the shallow version of it, but the one that often hides from the eyes, the one that embraces and enhances the transformative power of art. He is a seeker of beauty because, as Dostoyevsky said "beauty will save the world" and he plans to do it one image at a time.





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