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“fearless […]

and very funny”


choir boy

Written by Tarell Alvin McCraney, the 2017 Oscar-winning writer of “Moonlight

Directed by Mike Payette

october 9 to 28, 2018

Floydd Ricketts, Musical Director & Arranger / Rachel Forbes, Set & Costume Designer /

Andrea Lundy, Lighting Designer /

Dayane Ntibarikure, Assistant Director / Isabel Quintero Faia, Assistant Stage Manager

The Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys is dedicated to the formation of strong, ethical Black men. Pharus wants nothing more than to take his rightful place as leader of the school’s legendary choir. Will the school have the courage to stand behind Pharus, or muzzle a voice born to sing and begging to be heard? A moving portrait of young Black men focused on their dreams, navigating the confusing social and sexual mores characteristic of this pivotal age, and buoyed by the uplifting harmonies of a cappella gospel and R&B.


Tarell Alvin McCraney is the first recipient of The New York Times’ Outstanding Playwright Award.

“vivid, magnetic & moving”

the children

Written by Lucy Kirkwood

Directed by Eda Holmes

A co-production with Canadian Stage

november 6 to 25, 2018

Eo Sharp, Set & Costume Designer / Bonnie Beecher, Lighting Designer

Two British nuclear engineers, husband and wife, live near the seaside in a modest cottage assigned to them following a nearby nuclear disaster in the plant where they used to work. A former colleague drops by unexpectedly after 38 years, seemingly just to catch up, but it turns out she has a shocking proposal that not only puts a “past due” stamp on their own lives, but has the power to affect the lives of generations to come.



A 2018 Tony Award nominee

2018 Governor General Writers' Guild of Great Britain

“astonishing and thrilling”

blind date

A spontaneous theatre creation by Rebecca Northan

april 9 to 28, 2019

French and Queer performances are available. Dates TBA

There’s nothing like the thrill of a first date ... anything can happen! In this smash-hit production that has been wowing audiences world-wide since 2008, you’ll experience all the exhilaration and excitement of new love as one willing participant is invited on stage for a blind date each night! From critically acclaimed, sold-out runs in New York, Toronto, and London’s West End, this fast and funny fusion of clown, improvisation, and social experiment is sure to make you fall in love not only with the audience-member-turned-romantic-hero/heroine, but with the lead clown as well.


The perfect date night or evening out with friends… don’t miss it!

true crime

Crow’s Theatre presents The Castleton Massive Production

Created by Torquil Campbell and Chris Abraham, in collaboration with Julian Brown

january 8 to 27, 2019

Torquil Campbell returns to his acting roots when he discovers several similarities between himself and Clark Rockefeller, one of history’s most dangerous con men who turned the art of con into high art. The true crime-obsessed Campbell is curious: what differentiates acting a role from trying on a Rockefeller to see how far you can coast on charm and chutzpah? The only way to find out is to meet the real life enigma, which thrusts Torquil into a complex web of truths, half-truths and lies. With nothing on stage but a music stand, a guitarist, and some evocative lighting, it becomes harder and harder for the audience to know whether Torquil himself is, in fact, the greatest con man in history.


"I think Rockefeller just might be an artist, and that really frightens me."

– Torquil Campbell

the last wife

Written by Kate Hennig

Directed by Eda Holmes

With Diana Donnelly as Katherine Parr and Robert Persichini as Henry VIII

february 12 to march 3, 2019

History has taught us that wedding the notorious King Henry VIII usually proved fatal but in Kate Hennig’s re-imagined account of Katherine Parr, Henry’s sixth and last wife, not only did Henry meet his match in wit and negotiation, he gained a formidable ally worthy of ruling the country in his absence and more than equipped to prepare his heirs, male and female, to rule an empire. Hennig takes you behind the throne into a home not unlike that of any power family today. The play sold out and enjoyed an extended run at the Stratford Festival where it premiered in 2015, and is popular in the US due to the uncanny parallels between Tudor and contemporary women who find ways to rise through the halls of power. A smart, funny, potent examination of patriarchy, sexual politics, and women’s rights.


2017 Governor Gerneral Award Nominee

2015 Christopher Plummer Fellowship Award for Excellence in Classical Theatre

“a riveting meditation on power, family, intimacy

…sexual politics and women’s rights”

the shoplifters

Written & Directed by Morris Panych

With Ellen David, Laurent McCuaig-Pitre, Marie-Ève Perron & Michel Perron

march 19 to april 7, 2019

Alma, a feisty career shoplifter with serious street cred, spends her time helping her less fortunate neighbours, and sticking it to the man, by redistributing what she sees as undeserved corporate profit. Dom, a righteous crime fighting evangelist having a very busy first day on the job, catches Alma and her skittish sidekick, Phyllis, with a couple of rib steaks stuffed up their skirts. Otto, the world-weary head security guard is called in to interrogate but it soon becomes apparent that he has a more magnanimous opinion of Alma’s sticky fingers. A hilarious examination of the effects of capitalist culture on the haves and have-nots.


For a truly Montreal experience, the playwright has adapted two of the English-speaking characters into Francophones in an all-new script created especially for Centaur.


"Theft at its worst is greed, but at its best can symbolize an act of defiance against the system ... We all have our own internal sense of justice that doesn't always match the legal one."

– Morris Panych

“order and justice are happily flipped

upside down”

“Campbell draws you into a web of stories and constantly keeps you guessing about what you can and can’t believe.
Art imitates life imitates true crime.”

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Eda Holmes

Artistic and Executive Director

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