TD Saturday Morning Children's Series

Fun, affordable family entertainment to awaken the imagination and introduce children to the enchanting world of theatre.


On select Saturday mornings throughout the season, young children and their families enjoy affordable and engaging live performances by some of Montreal’s best talent for kids.


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Ticket Prices: Adults: $10.00 Children: $8.00

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Stories of the Rainforest

October 21, 2017, 10:30 AM

TUUP: See the Jaguar: Stories of the Rainforest

Intercultural Story Telling Festival



The Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival is an international event that brings in outstanding storytellers from around the world to share the art of oral storytelling with Montreal audiences. Guyanese-British storyteller TUUP will tell stories from his native Guyana as well as from around the world. Listen…Close your eyes…See the jaguar and listen to the tale of the snake king.


Born to Guyanese parents and raised in Acton, West London, TUUP has been a professional storyteller since 1981. Truly an elder of the storytelling revival in Britain, his style is one of total improvisation, unbounded charisma and alarming spontaneity. His fabulous capacity for mimicry and ear for a wild story is outstanding. TUUP has travelled the world extensively, telling stories all over Europe and in both Northern and Southern Africa.

The Doll's House

November 4, 2017, 10:30 AM

The Doll’s House

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre



Tottie is a loving little wooden doll that lives with her family in a shoebox. The doll family are owned by two sisters, Emily and Charlotte, and are very happy, except for one thing: they long for a proper home. To their delight, their wish comes true when Emily and Charlotte fix up a Victorian dolls’ house – just for them. It’s perfect. But then a new arrival starts to wreak havoc in the dolls’ house. Marchpane might be a beautiful doll but she is also mean and always seems to get her own way.

Puppet Karaoke

November 18, 2017 10:30 AM

Puppet Karaoke

Jesse Stong



Pick a song, pick a puppet and get ready to rock! This super cool chance to sing and dance to some of your favourite songs is also an interactive lesson on puppetry and performance with art educator and puppeteer Mister Jesse.


Jesse Stong is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada (Playwriting, 2013). He was awarded the 2016 Michaëlle Jean Foundation Award for his workshops with youth.

Moon Escape Productions

December 2, 2017 10:30 AM

Enchanted Miss Lost!

Moon Escape Production



A grumpy spirit wants the holidays to disappear forever, and has stolen important objects that represent them. If the objects are not returned to their rightful owner by the end of the day, there will no longer be a Holiday Season! But not to worry, Lady Lost, our favourite amnesic princess, is here to save the day... but will she be able to accomplish this mission without her memory? This is what friends are for, so be sure to join her! With a few nursery rhymes, association games and a dash of magic, Enchanted Lady Lost! is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

FEBRUARY 10, 2018

Little Charming

Laurent McCuaig-Pitre



Little Charming is a just a regular little boy who loves his family. But one day, his parents are taken away by giant monsters! Join Little Charming as he adventures through the land of Ima-gi-na-tion, where he meets characters who teach him a few things along the way. There is a Nurse, a Farmer, a Witch, Queen Charming, King Charming, a Moon, and even his brother, the one and only, Prince Charming. Using puppets, poetry and physical theatre, Laurent McCuaig-Pitre crafts a new fairytale that will tickle, transport, and enchant all ages.


FEBRUARY 24, 2018

Totally Red!

Teen Tour Theatre



Book and music by Dinah Toups, lyrics and music by Barbara Walker, directed by Aviva Wolman-Wener. This is a unique and fun retelling of the classic battle of wit and deception as told by The Senior Tour Group (actors aged 14-18) in the beloved fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Totally Red! introduces the audience to multiple styles of theatre, beginning with a humorous version in storybook theatre style. The story continues with three to five minute retellings of sections within the tale: melodrama (The Perils of Being Miss Red); Elizabethan (Much Ado About Red); hip-hop slang (REDz in the Hood); American musical style, (RED! The Musical!); and avant-garde (Call the Moment RED). The history of theatre was never so much fun!

MARCH 10, 2018

The Woods Witch

Little Fox Theatre



Emma thought she knew everything about Greek myths; that is, until her brother Nate was transformed into a swan. Now, returning home for the first time since the death of their father, Emma and Nate must outwit sphinxes, sirens, and spiders to seek the aid of The Woods Witch. The Woods Witch is a play for young audiences that uses humor, heart, and epic mythology to explore a young girl's experience healing from grief.

MARCH 24, 2018

Full Potential

by Bambi & Boutchou



Who’s ready to take over the world? Bambi and Boutchou, two wide-eyed and overjoyed young clowns! You are just the audience they’ve been waiting for! Cheeky, clumsy, but always bursting with energy, this duo just can’t wait to show off their novel skills to everybody: acrobatics, dance, figure skating… and more! With a refreshing silliness and a whimsical approach to teamwork, their precept is "work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish". Bonded by their love for theatrics, slapstick comedy, and an undeniable chemistry in a 35 minute presentation, the Bewildered-Bambi and the Brash-Boutchou have the power to brighten up your day, no matter your age or your favorite colour. Surprise!


APRIL 7, 2018

What the Fox Told Me

Jacqueline van de Greer



Lady Grey loves teatime, especially because it is the time of the day that her special fox keeps her company. While they are having their tea, Fritz Foxhill tells Lady Grey all about the parks and the forest around the small town where they live.

It seems that very day the parks and the forests are getting more and more dirtier, since lots of people love to have picnics but simply seem to forget to take their garbage with them. Lady Grey and Fritz Foxhill decide together to make a plan to take action and clean up the parks and the forest forever!


This interactive show is 40 minutes long and can be played for all ages.


APRIL 28, 2018

Just Enough

Maggie Winston (Lost & Found Puppet Co.). Music by Martin Reisle



Just Enough is based on a traditional Yiddish folktale and has since spread, transformed, and been retold in many cultures around the world. The story involves a grandmother who makes a quilt from the materials she has collected over the years, and gives it to her granddaughter. With each piece of fabric a memory is shared. It gives a whole new spin to the notion of recycling, as beloved objects find new uses. Although Grandmother may not have much, she will always have ‘just enough’ for a great story.

MAY 5, 2018

MTL Acting Spring Showcase



MTL Acting students showcase their unique talents and skills in this adapted play. Parents, friends and the general public are invited to share in the excitement of this inaugural production!


Founded by theatre artist and experienced teacher Julia Ainsworth (B.F.A, B.ED), MTL Acting is dedicated to offering professional performing arts training for children and teens. MTL Acting offers weekly classes, skill building workshops, private instruction, and a month-long summer program. Students are engaged in the creative process from rehearsal to production, and supported to develop self-confidence, personal expression, and technical skills in the performing arts.

MAY 26, 2018


La Fille du Laitier



A lone traveller arrives in front of a vast wall, the border between himself and his new country. To be accepted, he must learn this country's language and culture: a flurry of sound, consonants, and vowels exploding in poetic noise, where a chair can govern whole armies, apples contain the meaning of the universe, and telephone cords can sing symphonies!


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